Bayview Community Hall
Whidby Community Hall Association
PO Box 1066 | 5642 Bayview Road | Langley, WA 98260 | (360) 321-5494

Bayview Hall -
The Heart of South Whidbey

Bayview Hall was built in 1927 on donated farmland, the culmination of a dream of early citizens of Bayview Corner who saw the need for a meeting place for the thriving South Whidbey community. While the building’s designer and chief carpenter were paid a small salary, the remaining effort was achieved through the contributions of volunteers. The hall has served the South Whidbey community well, hosting countless public meetings, musical and theatrical revues, even movies. Scores of local couples met at the Saturday night dances; their children and grandchildren raised within the same community that fostered the birth of the hall itself.

Become a Member of Bayview Hall

It is in that spirit of community involvement that we ask you to become a member of Bayview Hall. The Board of Directors recognizes the historical significance of the hall to both Bayview Corner and the South Whidbey community; we remain dedicated to providing a public space with old-world charm at reasonable rates. While Bayview Hall is structurally sound, many improvements are necessary to maintain the hall as a viable meeting place for generations to come. You can help by becoming a member.

Bayview Hall Membership

Bayview Hall is owned by the residents of South Whidbey. It is an exceptionally rare gem – in that its sole mission is to serve the needs of this community. By becoming a member and offering a modest financial contribution, you ensure that the Hall will continue to serve our community for the years to come.

Membership Benefits

  • Notification of Bayview Hall Sponsored Events
  • Voting rights at annual membership Meeting
  • A sense of Well-being
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